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Black Horse Ranch Sires
THE COVENANTBreed: Appaloosa
StallionBorn: 4/21/95
Height: 15.2 ~ Weight: 1200#Color: Grulla
The CovenantThe ExecutiveDial Bright TooDial Good AQHAJohnny Dial
Leta Mona
Bright LusterBright Eyes Brother
Lady Senator
Dial Right TimeDial Good AQHAJohnny Dial
Leta Mona
Nile TimeLittle Buddy AQHA
Blue Tone
Spanish Lilly AQHASpanish HighSkippa LarkSkippa String
Skip Alone
Spanish BarbSpanish Nick
Barbara Star
Spanish ValeSkip’s BidSkipper’s King
Spanish Shasta
Spanish DressSir Bar
Spanish Gown


Black Horse Ranch SiresTAKIN THE CASH #624999
Chestnut & White Appaloosa

Height – 15.1 Speed Index – 104

Race Record – 11 Starts – 4 Firsts – 1 Place – 1 Show
Earnings – $25.903.00

Leading sire of starters and winners for 2011 as per the Speed Horse Journal & the Appaloosa Horse Club

Takin The CashDarkellyFirst Down KellyFirst Down DashDash For Cash
First Prize Rose
Kellys CofferAllstar
The Wind Mariah TB
Shawne KateShawe BugLady Bug’s Moon
Shawne Win
Little Fan DancerMeritable TB
Apollo Dancer
Little LadyDeep SouthLuminary II TBFair Trial
Rose TimeHalf Time IT TB
Ocala Rose
Little Oh’sThree Oh’sThree Chicks
Oh My Oh
Miss Peggy VanSpanish Van
Leo’s Peggy

Black Horse Ranch SiresBlack Horse Ranch Sires

Black Horse Ranch SiresFAST COMMANDER #1488745
1979 Black Stallion 

SI: 70 Starts 4 Wins: 0 2nds: 1 3rds: 1 Earnings: $ 135 Hlt Pts: H- 0.0 Perf Pts: P-0.0

Fast CommanderBuzz BarThree Bars TBPercentage TBMidway
Gossip Avenue TB
Myrtle Dee TBLuke McLuke TB
Civil Maid TB
Bar AnnieThree Bars TBPercentage TB
Myrtle Dee TB
Chicaro Annie CChicaro Bill
Boots C
Speedy PennySuper ChargeDepth Charge TBBold Venture TB
Quickly TB
O’Quinn MidgetKing
Midget’s Mother
Henny Penny PeakeDriftwoodMiller Boy
The Comer Mare
Sage HenWaggoner
Mare by Harmon Baker